We Bring Your Training Facility Qualified Appointments So You Can Sign More High Paying Clients!

Powered by a team of fitness professionals, Growing Gyms will find people in your area looking for personal training, and send them to you.

Powered by a team of fitness professionals, Growing Gyms will find people in your area looking for personal training, and send them to you.

We're so confident in our ability to get you new clients, our service guarantees results and is backed by a money back guarantee.

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The Problem:

Is this the best way to grow your facility?

If you're like most gym owners, you're probably lacking a proven, replicable way to get new people into the doors of your gym.

Between running your gym, managing your staff, and servicing your members, you also need to find time to grow your member base predictably and profitably.

When it comes to getting new members, most gyms rely on referrals, Google searches, or hoping their social media posts will flood them with new members.

On their own none of these organic methods are scalable, predictable, or reliable long term, which is unfortunately why so many gyms struggle and go out of business.

Is "hoping people see your gym on google and walk-in" really the best way to grow your gym and sustain your business?

You deserve a business that gives you the time, money, and freedom to enjoy the special things in life.

Maybe it's spending more time with your family, friends, and loved ones.

Maybe it’s about traveling the world and having fun while knowing your gym is still growing without you having to be there.

Imagine having a proven marketing system that constantly generates new gym-loving members that appreciate your gym, maintains them for life, grows your profit, and gives you the freedom you desire...

Use Growing Gyms to predictably grow your gyms personal training services

Watch the video below to see how it works:

We’re helping gym owners implement a system proven over and over again that makes their client acquisition process constant for their personal training services.

By knowing their gym's client base is growing consistently, thus generating more income, we enable Gym Owners to have more freedom in their life.

What do you gain by working with us:

  • We provide you with a proven and effective way to attract new people to your facility that want personal training.

  • We implement our custom filtration system to find serious people in your area that need your help, and are willing to invest money into their health and fitness.

  • Our expert qualification team will speak with, follow up, and filter the leads FOR you. No more wasting your time chasing around tire kickers who aren't serious about spending money with you.

  • Our team will do all the appointment scheduling for you, you just have to take the qualified appointments that we place on your calendar.

  • A done for you system that saves you hours of time chasing down leads. On average we save gym owners 18~ hours a week.

  • Save you the stress and anxiety of trying to find a consistent way to get new people in the door that can afford personal training, and are also willing to commit to their health.

  • Our team has worked with over 70 fitness studios and have spent over $500,000 in application generation. We will help you dominate your competition with cutting edge fitness marketing techniques that are working in 2022.

  • A team of people that want to see you win. You will receive constant communication and support, as well as a performance guarantee from us.

  • Our done for you process will give you back your time and freedom, so that you can focus on the high level tasks in your business that move the needle forward, as well as enjoy more time with your hobbies, friends and loved ones.

Some of our amazing clients

Some of our amazing clients

See Why Gym Owners Around The World Love Growing Gyms:


PERSONAL TRAINER GETS 9 NEW CLIENTS IN 30 DAYS - $40,000 in new business!

"You aren't going to be disappointed, you're going to get results. I would recommend Lucas and his company"



"The results have been better than any other social media company I've work with combined"

Personal trainer signs on 6 new online clients in 3 weeks while gaining a new level of confidence in their services

"I recommend Lucas for any gym owner who wants to create an engaged community."

"It's been great, we're looking forward to every week to see more people! Highly recommend Lucas"

"Lucas was always striving to be absolutely number one. It was really good and definitely recommend him"

"I wish I found these guys sooner! My staff and family would have thanked me for it."

Gym Owners:

Check Out Some Of Our Results

Check Out Some More Of Our Results

When this gym owner approached us, they were working with another marketing agency - They were trying everything with no success.

After auditing their account, completing our 5 step area analysis, and reviewing the competition in the area we were able to create an offer that dominated the market.

Most marketing companies focus on copy and pasted methods to promote your business and have little experience in knowing how to truly help you.

This is what makes us different: we are a team of marketing professionals with over 11 years of hands on experience in the gym industry.

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We are the only gym growth company that has actual hands-on experience in the fitness industry!

Lucas Aylward

Is the CEO of SkySoar Marketing and the founder of GrowingGyms System. Lucas specializes in lead generation, consulting, and system building for gyms and personal training studios. With over 11 years of experience in the fitness industry, Lucas understands as a marketer the true struggles and obstacles that gym owners and personal trainers face. Most marketers in the fitness industry have never owned a gym, worked in a gym, or even stepped foot in a gym - which explains why so many gym owners are left disappointed with the results. Lucas' personal experience and understanding of the industry have proven to be the secret sauce in the marketing system's success. He has been featured in Yahoo Finance and many other well known publications.

So.. What makes us different?

GrowingGyms.com provides a service that does exactly as it states: We GROW GYMS!

But.. What makes us so special?

What makes us any better than the other marketing agencies out there?

The answer is simple:

While 99% of the other agencies are sitting behind their computer, who have decided to work with fitness studios from the draw of a hat, we are here because of passion.

Here's the dark truth of the industry...

Most of these "gym marketing experts" you're suppose to trust, aren't actually experts.

They've never worked in a gym..

They've never owned a gym..

They've never sold a gym membership..

And they have never been inside a gym!

We have over 11+ years of seasoned experience in the fitness industry, and we know exactly what it takes to win.

More importantly, we know exactly what it takes to see YOU win.

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